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As manufacturers of interim goods made from fruit and vegetables, we are equipped to supply our customers with all products which can be made from fruit and vegetables.

That is to say, as the customer, you tell us the product you want, the corresponding quantity and your preferred date of delivery.

It is then up to us to carry out your order in such a way that you are completely happy with our products and the company’s performance

With the highest level of expertise, both within the field of vegetables as well as within the field of fruit, Fruchtsaft Bayer has a privileged position in this sector. In connection with this, synergies are effectively used in all divisions.

In terms of innovation, the strength of Fruchtsaft Bayer GmbH & Co. KG always comes to the fore in new products which find their way onto the market. Together with different institutions such as the Bundesforschungsanstalt für Ernährung (Federal Research Institute for Nutrition) and the University of Karlsruhe among others, a carrot for example was found which apart from containing Carotinoids as usual also contained the particularly valuable nutrient Lycopin . There are many further applications still for this product other than good-tasting carrot juice.

So, take a look at our pages, find out and take a dip into the world of the fruit and vegetable juice.
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